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Snowfall to Snugness: Winterizing Your Vermont Home

We know, we know! Summer's barely over; it's too soon to start talking about winter!

We are doing it anyway.

The best time to prepare your home for winter is before winter. Here are some tips for winterizing your Vermont home from the experienced professionals at Green Light Real Estate.


Service Boiler/Furnace

Ensure that things are working safely and efficiently by having a professional clean, service, and tune up your boiler or furnace. Most experts recommend cleaning oil-fired appliances annually and propane every year or two. It's good maintenance, extends the life, and helps them use less fuel to keep you comfy.


Clean Wood Stove and Chimney

Again, this is something you will want to do every year. We know a lot of homeowners who take this on themselves. But honestly, it's a mess, and it's better to leave it to the professionals.


Clean Your Windows

This is one of my personal favorites. There's no way I will clean the windows once winter sets in. So, if they're not nice and clean before winter, they're staying that way for the next few months, which really interferes with my ability to admire that bright sky and white snow days we get here in Vermont.


Get Your Snowblower (or plow, or plow person) Ready

Personal preference on this one, but if you're in the snow-blowing camp, get it serviced before the snow flies, and make sure to have extra parts on hand for things that tend to break. I'm talking to you, shear pins!

If you enjoy having the driveway plowed, it's a good idea just to make sure you're on the list. The person who does our driveway tells me he will keep doing it year after year until I ask him to stop. I like the longevity of that relationship, and I'm amused at the subtle aggression in the pitch.

Seal any cracks where cold air can get in (including old weatherstripping)

Little gaps add up to many open square inches and cold air entering your otherwise comfortable house. Caulk and spray foam are your friends. Any old, deteriorated, or missing weatherstripping should be replaced/added.


Shut Water Off To Exterior Faucets

Most outdoor spigots we see are the frost-free type. But still, to be safe, it's a good practice to shut off the water and drain the pipes to the outdoor water.

Hit your locks with deicer to keep them from freezing up

Not WD40. You want to use a graphite deicer, and you can pick them up right at your local hardware store. This is one that Realtors appreciate more than homeowners. We go into so many houses and deal with many different locks in all conditions. Just having that extra peace of mind that the lock isn't going to be frozen is lovely.


Think About Upgrading To A Smart Thermostat

There's smart, and there's SMART! Programmable thermostats do an excellent job keeping the temperature at the right temp for the right time of day and with the right people. All of that makes your house more comfortable and saves money.

Or you can go all out and monitor and adjust the thermostat from your phone, record data, and track it to your heart's content. Does that mean that some AI algorithm is gobbling up your home heating information to be used, undoubtedly, for the betterment of humankind? Sure. But you'll be able to save money on fuel and have fun simultaneously.

Winters are the real deal here in Vermont, and we know we will log some below-zero stretches. Preparing your house for winter before things get frosty will help you enjoy the beautiful season and stay safe and warm.

In conclusion, as the winter season approaches in Vermont, it's essential to take proactive steps to ensure your home is well-prepared for the cold months ahead. Green Light Real Estate understands the unique challenges of Vermont winters and offers these valuable tips to help you make your home snug and comfortable.

At Green Light Real Estate, we understand that Vermont winters can be challenging but also incredibly beautiful. By taking these steps to winterize your home before the chill sets in, you can enjoy the season to the fullest, staying safe, warm, and comfortable. For all your home buying and selling needs in Vermont, trust Green Light Real Estate to provide expert guidance and exceptional service year-round. Prepare for winter with us, and let us help you find your perfect Vermont home.


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