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      Market Slice! What's Happening in the Upper End of the Central Vermont real estate market?

      Central Vermont Real Estate Market--Upper End of the Market

      When people talk about home sales, and sale prices in the Central Vermont real estate market, they tend to talk about average or median homes. And that’s fine, because averages tell a story.


      In today’s post, I want to go a little deeper about the higher end of this market. What are we seeing as buyer and seller trends for higher end homes for sale in Central Vermont? And, in general, what’s happening in this upper end of the market?


      Since it’s my post, I get to pick the rules.


      And I get to define the terms.


      Let’s call the higher end of any market the top 10% of sales. That makes more sense than a dollar figure that cuts across towns. Because the truth is that there a lot of people who want really nice, upscale homes, and they want them in particular towns. 

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      Here’s how that’s going to break down in this area, and statewide:



      Price for top 10%

      Average Price in Upper Range




      Barre Town



      U32 Towns (Middlesex, Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Worcester)



      Barre City



      Northfield, Williamstown, Roxbury



      Harwood Towns (Waterbury, Duxbury, Fayston, Moretown, Waitsfield, Warren)



      In the table, the middle column represents the top 10% of sale prices in the different markets. The range is the actual sale prices of those top 10%.

      At the top end of all of these markets, buyers are expecting updated, finished homes, and no loose ends. That means higher end and contemporary kitchens with more expensive materials (quartz or granite countertops, not tile or laminate) It means matching, newer appliances, preferably stainless steel.


      Click here to send a quick email to us here at Green Light Real Estate. We're completely comfortable answering specific questions and general questions.


      At top price points, buyers are looking for updated bathrooms as well, with tile or stone showers.


      They expect to see large bedrooms with walk-in closets and en suite bathrooms.


      And none of this is really surprising.


      With the exception of upper end homes that sold in Montpelier, most of these high end properties have land, views, or in many cases, both. In Montpelier the source of the value is in location within the town and the overall  level of finish.


      But as a seller, if you want to attract the high end buyers, and you want to appeal to them, and you want to get the best price you can when you sell your home, your goal really has to be “perfect”.


      You may have to spend some money to make some money. If you’re selling a high end Central Vermont home, you already know that.


      At Green Light Real Estate, our upper end buyer and seller clients appreciate that kind of honesty and transparency. When you’re ready to buy or sell a higher end property in Barre, Montpelier, Northfield, or the surrounding communities, just give us a call.


      For more information about the upper end of the Central Vermont real estate market, click here to send us a quick email.


      645 North Main in Northfield, VT. Beautiful 4 Bedroom Home for Sale

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      645 North Main in Northfield is a great combination of old and new, and really, one of the best and most pleasantly surprising backyards in town.

      The classic New England construction has three bedrooms on the second floor, along with a full bathroom. The first floor has warm hardwood floors, a formal dining room, bright living room, and the fourth bedroom. There's also a 3/4 bathroom on the first floor.

      Lots of fun spaces in this house, and lots of flexibility. From the back of the house, as you pass through the mudroom, there's an office / flex room. Could be used as a guest suite, a home office, play room, and more. Upstairs, there's another office space. It's currently being used as Jeff's closet!

      Nice-sized, eat-in kitchen, separated between the hang out area and the work area. The work area is tastefully tucked into what was the butler's pantry (butler not included) and includes a new microwave and a new dishwasher.

      You'd never expect to see the backyard that's here, though. Professionally landscaped with stone walkways, a patio, ornamental trees, a fire pit, and fencing. Many friends and families will personally attest to the fun and festivities of a "Le Jardin" party.

      Need storage? How about a big barn. Yes. A barn. In town. Two floors of storage / man cave / she shed (I believe you can figure what a She Shed is). Add a little finishing touches and make this into a great studio or artist space. Be creative!

      645 North Main in Northfield is convenient to Norwich University, the Northfield Common, and a quick drive to Montpelier or 89. 


      How's the Market? July 2016 Market Report

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      Real Estate Market Report for Montpelier, Barre, Northfield, U32

      Green Light Real Estate


      On the Market

      Sold Last 12 Months

      Currently Under Deposit

      Barre City




      Barre Town





















      This is good staging. People smile when they walk into a house like this.


      This is bad staging. It just is.

      This Central Vermont market is giving all signs of a strong sellers’ market. With an inventory ranging from 3.6 months in Montpelier to 10.9 months in Barre City we see that homes in some markets tend to move faster than in others.



      Buyers--be ready to move fast and make strong offers.

      Sellers--Price right, and solve any problems beforehand. Everyone will be happy.


      Quick Facts--Washington County

      Average Days on Market 142 Days

      Average List Price: $224,737

      Average Sale Price: $215,033


      Welcome to the Team!

      Lindsay 2016 resized 1.jpg

      Lindsay Ericson has joined Green Light Real Estate as a Buyer Specialist.


      Lindsay has years of experience in financial services and management in Florida and Vermont, and is already getting great reviews from her buyer clients.


      “Thanks for working hard for us. I’ve bought two houses in the past, sold one, and I haven’t had a Realtor work this hard before.   I appreciate it.”


      We do too! Lindsay joins Brian Steinmetz, Marina Carleton, and Ray Mikus, along with Administrative Assistant Maria Lamberti.

      Well, Vermont had to be in at least one category with Montana and Wyoming…(Source: National Association of Realtors)


      Congratulations to all our buyers who took advantage of our May and June promotion. Several savvy buyers got $500 from Green Light Real Estate to pay for some of their closing costs.


      And, a shout out to Wanda at Academy Mortgage, for matching our promotion with an additional $500 for buyers working with Academy.

      The Crystal Ball: We get a lot of calls from people who don’t want to sell their homes.


      Yet. It’s really smart to think ahead. If you're thinking that next year is the year, talk with a Realtor, make a plan, get some numbers and put yourself in a great position to sell for the best price NEXT year.


      We can help with inspection items, appraisal issues, improvements, and staging. Give yourself all the advantages!

      Call, text, email, or just stop into our office to find out how much your house is worth.


      Or to have a FREE consultation and make a strategy for finding, and BUYING your new home.


      Get a plan. Get a house. Pretty simple.

      Green Light Real Estate is locally owned. We don’t have headquarters in Texas, New Jersey, or Connecticut. Um, actually, we don’t have headquarters. But you can stop into our office on State Street.


      Our core values include being creative, intelligent, fun, and energetic. We’re open minded and love trying new ideas.

      2015 Real Estate--Year in Review Montpelier, Barre, Northfield, Waterbury Vermont

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      2015 Real Estate Year in Review

      Montpelier, Barre, U32, Waterbury, Northfield

      Number of Sales

      Looking at the table below, it’s pretty darn easy to see the clear overall increase in number of sales. Every town in the survey had increases from 2014 to 2015. Some towns (Barre City) had smaller increases, and other towns (holy cow--Waterbury!!) had big increases.





      Barre City




      Barre Town
























      Selling? Looking for advice on getting your house ready for sale? Call, text or email. All our advice is FREE!

      Average Sale Price

      The average sale prices have been more of a mixed bag, with the majority of towns posting small decreases. Barre City is on a two year slide, but that’s not going to last long. The number of sales will bolster those prices soon enough!

      Taken as an average across the market, prices are remarkably stable. Weighted average sale prices inched up from $203,000 to $205,000. Nothing terribly exciting, although we would generally like to see a little more appreciation.

      This Year and Next Year

      We’re proud of how many buyers and sellers trusted us to do the job this year.  In 2015, Green Light Real Estate had 72 sales, and sold just over $14 million in real estate. That’s a lot of property, and with everyone here already hitting the ground running early in 2016, we expect both of those numbers to increase substantially this year.


      Days on the Market

      One metric that’s informative is the Days on the Market (DOM). In four of the six market towns in this report, the days on the market went down. That means that houses sold faster in 2015 than in previous years.

      Unfortunately, the stories we’ve heard about houses in other parts of the country selling in one or two days just don’t happen here very often. Over the past three years in Central Vermont, it’s taken, on average, almost four months for a house to sell.

      Buying? Ask us about a FREE comprehensive market overview. We’ll help with the inventory, the process, the numbers, the whole thing!

      Sales by Month

      This is one of the most interesting stories. Over the past three years, there appears to be a pretty clear trend. Sales start increasing rapidly in April and May, then they dip a bit, and then spike again in August. The highest numbers of sales have been in August.

      That’s interesting to us here at Green Light Real Estate, especially in thinking about what that means. Those April sales are from contracts that were signed in February. And those February buyers were looking in January and February. So, many of those “spring buyers” that we hear about are actually winter buyers!

      If you have questions, or if there’s anything that we can help with, call, email, or text.

      Check us out on Facebook, visit our website, read customer reviews on Zillow and Trulia, or stop by our office on State Street in Montpelier. And, if you’re thinking of buying or selling, keep us in mind!

      Ray Mikus, Broker/Owner

      Brian Steinmetz, Realtor

      Marina Carleton, Realtor

      Maria Lamberti, Administrative Assistant



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      Snapshot: Come on, are there really 115 houses for sale in Barre City? And with 82 sales over the past 12 months (which is a lot of sales), that’s 15 months worth of inventory. If you’re a buyer, you know you can get a great house at a good price. If you’re a seller, you know that you got that great house at a good price when you bought it. And people are buying. Of the eleven houses under deposit, Green Light Real Estate has three of them. Not a bad market share…


      Active New March 2015 Under Contract Closed March 2015 Closed Last 12 Months
      Barre City 115 16 11 3 82
      Barre Town 62 15 13 9 97
      Montpelier 54 12 8 8 75
      U32 48 7 10 1 70
      Northfield 60 5 8 5 45
      339 55 50 26 369

      Sale Price: Well, nothing super exciting, except a nice, steady, 3.5% increase in average sale price across the market here in Central Vermont. That’s fine with us. We’ll seek our excitement elsewhere.

      March 13-March 14March 14- March 15% ChangeBarre CityBarre TownMontpelierU32NorthfieldAverage

      $125,135 $120,802 -3.46%
      $191,596 $182,029 -4.99%
      $218,956 $233,125 6.47%
      $222,454 $248,273 11.61%
      $157,569 $169,811 7.77%
      $182,528 $188,915 3.50%

      Tech Edge Conference:

      The National Association of Realtors (NAR) hosted this conference at the end of March in Burlington. It was a day of national speakers, thought leaders, and local and national experts in both real estate and technology. Every member of Green Light Real Estate attended, and we came away with great ideas, exciting apps, and even more energy.

      A lot can change in a few weeks. We went from cold and covered in snow to snow and covered with mud. There are a couple of fun videos of mud season driving on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page, if you’re into that sort of thing.

      We’re excited to introduce two new Green Light Real Estate agents--Brian and Marina

      Brian Steinmetz has joined Green Light Real Estate as an agent, and we are psyched! His background in video and photography are major assets to our clients, plus he tells good jokes. Brian and his wife, Nikki, live in Montpelier with their two year-old daughter, Zara.

      And, honestly, if you’re looking for a motivated real estate agent, it’s tough to beat the one with a two year-old daughter.

      Marina Carleton has joined Green Light Real Estate as an agent, and it’s about time. Marina has a world of diverse experiences. What makes her a great real estate agent are the same things that made her great at everything else--she listens, asks questions, is reflective, and cares.

      And you know how sometimes you want someone on your side who just kind of “gets it”? Where it’s direct, and there’s no BS? That’s Marina.


      Trending in Montpelier/Barre Real Estate

      Homes are starting to sell FAST. As in, lasting only a couple days on the market in some 

      cases. This isn’t happening all of the time, but there is a growing population of buyers who are making quick decisions, trying to beat other buyers to get the house they want. TIP:  Get pre-approved, and then get looking at houses. Don’t wait two weeks to set up the second showing.

      Escrow times are starting to get a little slower. Yeah, so there’s the rush and excitement of the offer and the negotiation. And then things slow down. Inspectors and appraisers are getting booked 7-10 days out. Make sure you have a realistic time frame for getting the inspection done, and for scheduling the actual closing. Hmmm...this seems like something that a good Realtor would be able to help with…

      Sellers are making their houses even easier to buy than ever. They’re getting estimates on bigger projects (and sharing the estimates with buyers). They’re going through appraisal guidelines to make sure there that all the small repairs are done, and buyers will be able to get their loan. Yes, interesting side note--the house has to meet value, but for most loans, it also has to meet a number of safety / repair / finish standards.

      March Sales--You Know You're Curious!

      TownAddressOriginal ListFinal ListFinal to OriginalSelling PriceSale to Final ListDOM

      Barre City 26 Berlin Street 129,900 $89,900 69% 74,000 82% 459
      Barre City 36 Berlin Street 107,560 $20,000 19% 20,000 100% 499
      Barre City 20 Garfield Ave 114,500 $89,900 79% 76,000 85% 272
      Barre Town 26 Meadowcrest Lane 165,000 $149,000 90% 134,400 90% 117
      Barre Town 38 Middle Road 175,000 $175,000 100% 167,144 96% 113
      Barre Town 91 Waterman Street 189,900 $189,900 100% 176,000 93% 28
      Barre Town 349 East Montpelier Road 193,000 $193,000 100% 187,000 97% 148
      Barre Town 64 Miller Road Extension 225,000 $225,000 100% 215,000 96% 18
      Barre Town 303 Camp Street 275,000 $250,000 91% 238,000 95% 111
      Barre Town Lot #2 Cummings Road 289,900 $289,900 100% 381,573 132% 172
      Barre Town 311 Beckley Hill Road 335,000 $319,000 95% 300,000 94% 151
      Barre Town 40 Phelps Road 330,000 $319,900 97% 300,000 94% 217
      Montpelier 77 Hill Street 174,000 $165,000 95% 155,000 94% 126
      Montpelier 9 Pearl Street 185,000 $174,700 94% 160,000 92% 106
      Montpelier 179 River Street 225,000 $225,000 100% 208,000 92% 187
      Montpelier 64 Terrace Street 269,000 $269,000 100% 270,000 100% 7
      Montpelier 2 North Park Drive 352,000 $297,000 84% 295,500 99% 631
      Montpelier 2 Summer Street 471,500 $359,000 76% 340,000 95% 668
      Montpelier 56 Independence Green 155,000 $155,000 100% 152,500 98% 14
      Montpelier 330 Cityside Drive #74 320,000 $320,000 100% 280,000 88% 39
      Berlin 99 Hideaway Drive #16 239,800 $230,000 96% 220,000 96% 879
      Northfield 1257 Route 12 89,900 $27,000 30% 21,000 78% 895
      Northfield 390 Dickinson Drive 149,900 $85,500 57% 79,200 93% 958
      Northfield 1677 Hallstrom Road *Entry Only 284,000 $284,000 100% 284,000 100% 123
      Northfield 334 Vine Street 242,000 $242,000 100% 236,600 98% 358
      Northfield 3839 Steele Hill Road 61,500 $55,000 89% 52,000 95% 49