3 Things To Do Before Closing On Your Home In Vermont

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Closing On Your Home In Vermont? Do Not Wait Until The Last week To Do These Three Things

Once your home goes under contract, it's essential that you start to prepare for closing; there are several tasks you should undertake, and some you don't want to wait until the week before closing to do. Things like submitting a change of address [...]

Green Up Day Vermont 2022

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Green Up Day Vermont is right around the corner and we’re happy to be participating again this year! At Green Light Real Estate, we are all about keeping our streets clean and beautiful as well as protecting the environment around us. 


Take a picture of you participating in Green Up Day on May 7th and share on IG or Facebook. Tag @GreenupVermont and @Glrevt in the post. We’ll give a donation for every post!     

Short-Term Rentals

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If you’re an out of town owner of property in Vermont, or if you’re thinking of becoming one, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: short term rentals.

We’re talking AirBnB, Vrbo, and countless others.

When these work out, they can be pretty profitable. Setting them up, and getting them off the ground can be some work. If you’re [...]

Fact Check: Cash Buyers

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People are saying that cash buyers are winning all of the contracts, and no buyers can compete with cash buyers.

Whenever we hear “people are saying” we get curious and suspicious at the same time. People can say whatever, and good stories travel fast. 

So, we decided to fact check this.

We looked through all of MLS data for single family [...]

Out of Town Owners With Property in Central Vermont

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If you own property in Central Vermont, but don’t live here year round, then, ta da! This post was written just for you!

There are a lot of reasons why people own real estate in this area but don’t live here. We run into these properties and people all of the time. Here are some of the more common reasons why things turn out this [...]

2021 Barre Multi-Family Reports

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Are you thinking of selling your rental property? Maybe you’re ready to add to your real estate holdings. No one knows the Barre multi-family market better than Green Light Real Estate. Call or email for a free valuation, tips on how to help your place sell faster and for more money, and a plan to strategically position your investment in [...]

Condo Associations in Montpelier

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The condominium associations in Montpelier range from very small (as few as two or three units in an association) to relatively large. Remembering, of course, that what passes as a large association in Montpelier might be different than a large condo association in Boston or [...]