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What Sells A Condo?


I get asked this question all the time. In my experience as a real estate broker, the answer is generally that whatever helps a house to sell also helps a condo to sell.  With one unique exception…


What Sells A Condo


Understanding What Type of Updates Are Needed

The more updates the better. And, if you’ve got time before you’re thinking of selling, you have the luxury of having a Green Light Real Estate listing expert come over and give some suggestions (for free).

Do you need to do a whole kitchen makeover? Probably not. Should you replace the oven with that one burner that hasn’t worked for four years. Probably.


Smaller Updates Can Go A Long Way

A condo doesn’t have to be completely renovated to be “updated”. Smaller updates such as appliances, torn flooring, or old bathroom vanities are relatively inexpensive to update.


Updates, Courtesy of Your HOA

Your association can help! If there are exterior items that could use some attention, bring those up to the association. It can’t hurt to ask, right? 



But even if a condo isn’t updated (I’m thinking some of the Independence Green condos that have the original oak cabinets that drop down over the counter top and block the window–and if that’s your condo, then you know what I’m talking about!), clean still sells.

A spotless condo that has a bathroom from the 1970s will still sell more easily than its twin that is kind of rough around the edges.


What’s the Exception?

All of those items above (not the association item) are the same things that help a single family home sell. The biggest difference is that, today, condo buyers really don’t want to do projects. They don’t want to replace carpet, update windows, or even clean before they move in.

Someone buying a house in Barre or Montpelier often expects to have to do some work after they buy. But not today’s condo buyers. 

You really want to do everything you can to make your condo turn key, problem free, easy to live in, and easy to maintain. That’s one of the main attractions of living in a condo.


Green Light Real Estate At Your Service

We help LOTS of people buy and sell condos, and we know what people are looking for. When you or someone you know is thinking of selling, just call or email. We can answer questions, give suggestions, and really take a lot of the uncertainty and anxiety out of selling.


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