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3 Things To Do Before Closing On Your Home In Vermont


Closing On Your Home In Vermont? Do Not Wait Until The Last week To Do These Three Things

Once your home goes under contract, it's essential that you start to prepare for closing; there are several tasks you should undertake, and some you don't want to wait until the week before closing to do. Things like submitting a change of address and preparing for the home inspection are things you should start within one to two weeks following the acceptance date of the contract. This article will give you some quick tidbits on things you should not wait until the week before closing to do. 


  1. Lining up movers, moving help, a truck, and cleaning help.

    •  It always takes longer to pack and move than you think. And yes, that includes the basement, the garage, and the shed. Giving yourself a head start on packing your home is essential to a smooth closing process. We even suggest beginning the packing process when you are ready to list your home for sale. Packing a little every day instead of packing everything the week before closing will keep your stress levels low, and it gives you time to find everything you may need to pass on to the buyers.

  2. Getting your mortgage payoff amount.

    • Some banks can get that to you right away. Some take several days. You want to make sure that you're not in the position to have this information when it is needed. We can't tell you home many times sellers haven't realized how long it would take their bank to provide them with payoff information. 

  3. Completing Repairs

    • Remember those minor repairs you agreed to do when you accepted that very generous offer from the buyers or the ones you agreed to after the buyer's home inspection? Please don't wait until the last week to finish those, and make sure you secure documentation that they're finished.


You need to take care of so many things after you accept an offer on your home, and procrastinating on any of them can bring unnecessary stress to the process. Trust your realtor when they tell you it's time to get something done. 

If you are in the market to sell your home in Central Vermont, get a free home valuation here or email at or give us a call at 802-225-6425 would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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