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Out of Town Owners With Property in Central Vermont

If you own property in Central Vermont, but don’t live here year round, then, ta da! This post was written just for you!

There are a lot of reasons why people own real estate in this area but don’t live here. We run into these properties and people all of the time. Here are some of the more common reasons why things turn out this way:

  • Owners used to live here and have since moved away

  • Owners inherited property

  • Owners are honest to goodness long distance real estate investors, and actually like it

  • Owners really do live in the area, but have just picked up one or a few investment properties along the way

At Green Light Real Estate, we’re big fans of owning property, and big supporters of investing in real estate as part of a long term financial plan.

But…if you’re not living in your Vermont property right now, it might be a really good time to think about selling it. We’ve never seen prices like this before, and perhaps more importantly, we’ve never seen buyer behavior quite like this before either.

It’s not uncommon to see multiple offers, properties selling above the asking prices, and for buyers to waive lots of contingencies. A recent Seven Days cover story gave some examples from around the state, and our own experience working with buyers and sellers definitely echoes that.

Is it time to stop being a landlord? Have you had enough with:


  • Maintenance

  • Repairs

  • Tenants being, shall we say, tough on your building

  • Uncooperative or non-paying tenants

  • Snow! Snow! Snow! (and heating bills)

  • Property taxes

  • Or anything else that’s a hassle?


Who knows how long this very strong sellers’ market will last. But we’re in it now. At Green Light Real Estate we’ve worked with LOTS of out of area sellers to help them value their properties, and then get them marketed and sold. 

The best part of your situation is that you don’t have to find another house to buy! Honestly, we hear that a fair amount from people who own one house. “I’d love to sell, but then what would I buy?” 

That’s a concern that you don’t have. 

Take advantage of this market, and sell at a great price. Call or email Green Light Real Estate and let’s just talk. No commitments. Let’s just see if now’s the right time for you, and how you can benefit from experienced and professional real estate advice, and expert negotiation skills.

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