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Condo Associations in Montpelier

The condominium associations in Montpelier range from very small (as few as two or three units in an association) to relatively large. Remembering, of course, that what passes as a large association in Montpelier might be different than a large condo association in Boston or Denver.

Here’s a quick breakdown on some of the different condo associations in Montpelier.

Freedom Drive Condos In Montpelier

The condos at Freedom Drive were mostly built in 1986-1987. These units are highly desirable, and they have varied floor plans. Freedom Drive condos have two or three bedrooms, and come in townhouses (upstairs and downstairs) as well as flats (all on one level). They have decks, balconies, or back porches, which some have converted into living space. Many of the units in Freedom Drive have garages.

There are roughly 80 condominium units in Freedom Drive and a recent survey of monthly homeowners association fees ranged from $250 to $319.

Association fees range depending on the different phase, and they typically include lawnmowing, landscaping, snow removal, trash/recycling, exterior maintenance, and insurance for the buildings. 

There is a pool at at the Freedom Drive condos. Enjoy!

Freedom Drive is located off Northfield Street, and is very close to downtown Montpelier. It’s also easy to get to I-89 for those trips to Burlington or the airport. The location, layout, and convenience of these condos make them quite popular.



Independence Green

Right next to Freedom Drive are the condos at Independence Green. The Independence Green condos are a little older. The first phase of Independence Green was built in 1976, and the second phase in 1983. Since then, many units have been updated and remodeled. However, we do still run into some of the original units from time to time!

At Independence Green, there is a mix of townhouse and flats. Do be aware if you’re looking for single level living, that there are a number of second floor flats. So, yes, they’re single level…once you get up the stairs to that single level.

The layouts are mostly two bedrooms, and they have decks and balconies. The townhouses have full basements, some of which have been finished.

Parking is varied as well at the condos at Independence Green. Some units come with garages, some with carports, and some with neither. 

As with Freedom Drive, the association dues cover lawn mowing, landscaping, snow plowing, trash/recycling, exterior maintenance and building insurance. A recent survey of monthly HOA fees found a range of $193-$223..

Independence Green has a “buy in” of $1000 at purchase. Those funds help keep the association’s reserves healthy, and help to reduce the need for special assessments as well as keep the association dues down. It’s for the benefit of the association members, but it’s just good to be aware of that when you’re buying. 

Both Freedom Drive and Independence Green have high speed internet available.




Murray Hill/ Cityside Condos

On the other side of town, off Main Street are the Murray Hill / Cityside Condominiums. Cityside has around 60 units, most of which are shared wall condominiums. There are some freestanding homes in Cityside which are also part of the association.

The condos at Cityside are a mix of one level flats and townhouses. Many have walkout basements which have been finished to add additional living space. Also, many of the Cityside condos have stunning views of downtown Montpelier and mountain views. Most of the condos at Cityside and Murray Hill were built in 1986-1988, with an additional phase added in 2001. They are always in high demand. If you’re looking for a condo in this association, be ready to move quickly!

Cityside condominiums typically have detached garages. The association has a pool and a tennis court. Several members of the association are owners of the land below the association, for the purposes of protecting the view. Great idea!

Interestingly, the Cityside condominiums are not on city water. There’s a huge artesian well that provides the drinking water to these condos. Part of the association dues maintain that system. The units are on the municipal sewer system.

Association fees are around $315-$415 per month and include the HOA fees and the water fee. Which also means that you don’t have to pay a separate water bill. 

High speed internet is available throughout Murray Hill and Cityside. These condos are close to town, and also tantalizingly close to Morse Farm should you get a craving for a maple creemie.




North  Franklin Condos

In the same area, you’ll find the North Franklin condos (also known as The Foundry). These condos consist of two bedroom flats, some on the first floor, and some on the second floor. Some have balconies or decks, and some don’t. Parking is in the well-maintained lot, but there are no garages or carports. 

For the North Franklin condos, Monthly association fees from a recent survey were around $175 and include lawnmowing, landscaping, snow removal, trash/recycling, exterior maintenance, and the master insurance. There are roughly 30 units in the North Franklin condo association, and construction was completed in 1987.

All of the condominiums at Mechanic, North Franklin, The Foundry, etc. have high speed internet available.


River Station Condos in Montpelier

Another “in town” association is right on Barre Street. River Station Condominiums are a mix of market price condominiums and price-controlled condominiums that are income sensitive. These condos were built in 2007, and are very popular. 

Situated incredibly close to the Hunger Mountain Co Op as well as near downtown Montpelier, people looking for a little more “energy” in their neighborhood might want to check out River Station Condos. 

They consist of around 17 two bedroom units, mostly townhouses. Some have garages, others have carports. Monthly association fees are around $170.


Stonewall Meadows Condos

Heading east of town a touch, on the way toward Berlin Corners and Central Vermont Medical Center, is Stonewall Meadows. This is a smaller association, consisting of 12 units at the end of the road. Each unit has a garage, and most have a back deck. The Stonewall Meadows condominiums were built in 1988.

The Stonewall Meadow condos are all townhouse units, with three bedrooms on the second floor. The basements are walkout, and many have been finished as well. 

Situated at the end of a dead end road, there’s not much traffic. Yet, Stonewall Meadows is still very convenient to town and to 89.

The monthly association fees are around $250, and Stonewall Meadows does have high speed internet available throughout.


Forest Drive Condos

Just off the Barre Montpelier Road, on the way toward Barre, and near the popular Wayside Restaurant, are the Forest Drive condos. This association consists of roughly 25 two bedroom flats, some on the first floor, some on the second floor, each with a deck or balcony and a garage.

The Forest Drive condominiums in Montpelier were completed in 1988, and are quite popular. The monthly association fees are around $175. The condos at Forest Drive have high speed internet available throughout.


Rules For Condos In Montpelier

Each condominium association has their own set of rules, and it’s a great idea to become familiar with them as you’re considering living there. Some questions that might be particularly important to have answered:

Are dogs allowed?

Are cats allowed?

Can the units be rented?

Can they be used as short term rentals (AirBnB, VRBO)?

Can a wood stove or pellet stove be installed?

Are there any special assessments that will impact the association fees?


Whether you're interested in selling or buying a condo in Montpelier, a Green Light real estate agent can help!


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