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Top 5 Vermont Towns to Live in

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Surrounded by beautiful mountains, diverse weather and quaint small towns, Vermont makes a great place to raise a family. 

Not only is Vermont one of the safest states in the US, but the cost of living is way lower than nearby cities such as Boston. 

There are also numerous thrilling and unique places to visit or live in Vermont. So, choosing the best city to visit in Vermont is easier said than done. As a renowned Vermont real estate company, here are the top 5 Vermont towns to live in.

1. Montpelier, VT

No matter where you’re from, Montpelier, VT is one of the cutest small towns to call home away from home. 

Although it’s one of the least populated in Vermont, Montpelier has no shortage of fun; and it’s a great place for those looking for tranquility. 

Besides, Montpelier is ranked the 6th best median home value in the US while being the 3rd best city with a high employment rate. If you believe this city is the right place for you, we have exceptional and affordable real estate & homes for sale.  Contact us today!

2. Barre, VT

If you think you can’t live in Montpelier because of its small population, then you might want to consider Barre, VT. In Washington County, Vermont, Barre, VT is the most populated city. This city is home to Barre Opera House, Studio Place Arts, and Vermont Granite Museum for art and culture lovers. As a matter of fact, this city never sleeps. 

If you think Barre is the right location for your second or first home, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our agents would love to help you buy a home in the Granite Center of the World.

3. Northfield, VT

Located in a valley within the Green Mountains, Northfield, VT, is the 3rd best Vermont town to live in. Unlike other cities in the region, this town has an affordable cost of living. While the median home value is $193,103, its median income is $72,480.

Besides, it is home to Norwich University, which is the city’s largest employer. We recommend this city for educationalists who want to buy investment property in Vermont and for those looking to settle in after graduating. 

4. Stowe, VT

This is one of the best cities in Vermont for outdoor and adventure lovers. There are numerous points of interest in Stowe and people come from all over the US to ski and get cozied up by the fire.

Stowe, VT is home to Trapp Family Lodge, where you can enjoy thrilling and exciting moments with your loved ones. Besides, the Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa, as well as Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum, are also fun-filled locations in the city for those looking to ski or relax.

For realtors or investors already in the Vermont real estate market, you can check out the Stowe Land Trust, which has more than 30 properties and over 3,500 acres available to the public. We also have some great listings available on our website that we’re sure you’ll love.

Because Stowe offers great year-round activities for everyone in the family, owning a second home in Store, VT is a great investment. Due to its close vicinity to New York and Massachusetts, it makes for a great weekend getaway. 

5. Woodstock

Our list of the top 5 Vermont towns to live in is incomplete without this little city. If you're looking for a place with charm, great food (some of the best cheese and maple syrup) and even a national park, look no further.

Without any doubt, this is a perfect place for families, not to mention that it has some of the highest ratings for public schools, sitting in at 9/10. It is ranked the best city with median home value in the state. Likewise, it is the 4th best town with a high employment rate.

Besides having the top schools in the state for your kids, Woodstock, VT also has the 2nd lowest crime rate -- making it the perfect place to raise a family. Imagine all the great things you can think about, if you didn’t have to constantly worry about your children’s safety?

If you’re looking to own a vacation home or buy your first home in Vermont, Woodstock offers a pleasant and happy life.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering living in Vermont. You could ask any Vermonter and they will always say that their side of New England is best; and although that might be true, those living in these top five towns are truly the winners.

Having reviewed the top cities in Vermont to live in, we are sure you have picked your preferred first or second home Vermont.

Regardless of which town you end up deciding on, because of the low crime rate, good standard of living, low employment rate, and amazing outdoor activities, moving to Vermont or owning a second home in Vermont is always a good idea and an investment you won't regret.
























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