Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Lindsey was lovely to deal with. Even though I knew she had a grueling personal and professional schedule and lots of other clients, she humored me on visiting a dozen or so houses. When we finally found “the one”, she was genuinely excited for me and stayed with me every step of the way through  the closing. 


In a market like Montpelier with few properties on the market and few that are truly comparable, you need someone like Ray in your corner. Someone who knows the area inside out, who understands what buyers are looking for, and who can give you a sense of the relative desirability of locations and  home features. Someone who will help you in the home sale process every small and every big step of the way. But beyond those basics, with Ray you also get someone who can crunch the numbers, is savvy about negotiating deals, and who will go above and way beyond to make the process easier and more effective for you. Ray is an outstanding real estate professional, but even better he's outstanding to work with. The real estate process is stressful to most of us but Ray (almost) makes it seem like fun. We've heard from many people it took them a few years to find the ideal home in Montpelier at a price they could afford. No doubt we'd be in the same boat without Ray. We're thrilled he found and helped us get just what we were looking for. If you're in the market or about to be, Ray is a great choice. We can't recommend him enough!



If you're a buyer looking to purchase a home, I would recommend Ray Mikus without hesitation. We're buyers who had a lot of specific needs, a fair amount of anxiety about the homebuying process, and a tight budget to work within. Ray was incredibly patient with us. He took the time to talk us  through the pros and cons of different places, and explain general trends in the Montpelier (and Central Vermont) housing market. He also helped us understand different financing options, going as far to get on a three-way call with me and him and a loan broker. I have lost track of how many homes we saw with Ray. A couple dozen, maybe, during the spring and summer of 2019, as we considered different options (multifamilies? a home in a nearby city?). When the juggle got to be too much for us, he was willing to show a house to one of us (me *or* my husband) and then show it again if it passed the first spouse's muster. That was a huge help, since there were precious few houses worth considering for us. The most important thing is that Ray listened to us and was willing to work at our pace. We are generally people who need to see a place a couple of times -- and sleep on it -- to be sure it's the right choice. When we originally interviewed other agents in town, we found that some were utterly unwilling to do that -- even if all we wanted to do was sleep on it and revisit the next morning before making an offer. One of the many things we appreciated about Ray is that he's a number's guy -- a very personable one with a lot of other skills, but a number's guy nonetheless. I believe he has training as a financial planner. So as people who aren't super affluent and were stressed about finances, it was helpful to talk through the implications of various option and the true cost of ownership -- especially when we went through our "should we buy a multifamily property?" phase. (We didn't end up doing that.) He also brings a deep experience of the local world of home contractors -- electricians, roofers, cabinet folks, mold inspectors, general contractors, etc. With some local realtors, if you ask about these things, they will tell you "do a Google search". Ray will give you names and numbers, and if people aren't responsive, he will follow up with them himself. Overall, we were totally impressed by the fabulous job he did in allaying our anxiety at every step of the process. He went so far as to a walk thru of the house the day before closing (by himself) so he could tell us everything looked great many hours before we ourselves were going to go over. He saved us almost a whole day of worry with that one simple step! And lastly, Ray is a highly-skilled negotiator who always had our best interests in mind. Montpelier is a particularly tricky market because it's a weird mix of overpriced houses and places that are snatched up in crazy bidding wars. Ray really understands how to write solid offers on both ends of this spectrum. And although we did lose one house in a bidding war (we just simply couldn't go as high as others could), we did end up with a house we absolutely love and that ticked off all of our boxes.

Lauren was quick to respond, very helpful when needed and a pleasure to work with. Everything you look for when you’re making big decisions around home buying or selling.

Lauren was great and always kept us in the loop! She was very professional and quick to respond to any questions we had during the home selling process. Easy sale from start to finish!

Hannah is relaxed, easy and friendly to work with, is flexible to her clients needs. She helped us navigate the home buying world, ending in great success with purchasing our dream home and property! We highly recommend working with Hannah!!


We had a full price offer a very few days after listing. After inspection with Ray's advice offer was slightly reduced. Only 2 reasons not to rate Ray as outstanding: our lawyer wasn't notified of the closing until day before and at closing no one introduced the crowd of strangers gathered at the  table - made for an uncomfortable feeling. I would use Ray again, but communications could have been improved.


Lindsay is great! She was patient and thorough with us as we did the long haul from NY to VT. She's very knowledgeable of the area and she helped us to find our dream home. Thank You Lindsay!!!


Lauren was great! She had tons of energy, lots of information and was highly responsive and easy to get in touch with. Our home buying process was smooth and a lot less stressful thanks to her. Throughout the entire process, I felt that I had an honest and reliable agent working for me to get the  right home at the right price. 


Lauren was a GODSEND! This our first ever house purchase and she went above and beyond in every way. We would send her houses and she would check them out ahaead of time to see if they qualified fir our loan and get information from other realtors if there were issues before we even saw the houses.  She saved us a lot of time by doing this. It took us almost a year and MANY disappointments (not from Lauren) to finally find the perfect house! Lauren made an already stressful process seem like a breeze and we appreciate her so much for her patience with our pickiness, enthusiasm for pep talks when we would lose motivation after another rejected offer, and knowledge of the whole process that she shared with us. 10 out of 10 would recommend her!

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