When you've got a home for sale in the Montpelier area, you've got a lot on your mind. But one thing that is very important is to make sure that you skedaddle when there's a showing.

Skedaddle is not a technical real estate term. Just don't be at the house during showings. Buyers will not be nearly as comfortable looking through a house when the sellers are there. The Montpelier real estate market is steady, but there's enough competition that you want to make sure every buyer who comes through is at least comfortable.

One way it plays out is that buyers will keep their comments to themselves. Then, when they get out to the car and can talk openly, questions come up. But it's silly to keep going in and out asking questions and double checking things. Buyers don't want to do that. So...if they could've asked while they were in the house, your knowledgeable Realtor could have answered their questions. Now we're at comfortable and informed. Seems like a good combination.

Another way it plays out in the Montpelier real estate market is that sellers try to oversell (or undersell) their homes. "Look at all we've done!", "You should've seen this place when we bought it." "That's a $4000 oven!" Great. The buyers probably don't care. They want to know what the house looks like now, not what it used to look like. 

And, for crying out loud, the last thing any buyer wants to hear is the laundry list of projects sellers were planning on doing. It's like listing out all the shortcomings right up front. Oh, hey, before we start, let me tell you everything that's inadequate for us, and that we're going to lay on your lap when you buy it. In the Montpelier real estate market, buyers may not need the same features in a house as sellers do. So, just relax.

But get out of the house to relax. Shoo!