A Peek Into Our Hiring Process and the Perfect Candidate

Our Hiring Process

In a word: Selective.

We want the best people. That doesn’t mean we want the best sales people. We want the best people.

In an acronym: E-SWAN.

E: We only want people who are enthusiastic and energetic. If you get up ready and raring to go, and the idea of learning new things, getting new experiences, and helping friends and strangers, then you’re an E.

S: To be successful, you need to be smart. That doesn’t mean that you went to an Ivy League school. Honestly, we don’t really care where you went to school. Or if you went to school. You need to be smart at what you do. Smart negotiating, smart contract writing, smart marketing, smart long term planning, smart communicating. Smart at dealing with people. Smart problem solving. Our guess is you are, as you’re investigating a career with Green Light Real Estate!

W: You need to be willing to work hard. Despite what you may have seen on tv, real estate sales is not all about champagne drenched open houses and swans in swimming pools. It's not "show three houses to buyers, and they pick and buy one". It’s hard work. Whether it’s making the calls and texts that you need to do to keep your pipeline filled, de-escalating a negotiation that has gotten white hot, or writing offers when you’d really rather be chilling on the couch, it’s hard work. 

Even days when you only have one or two appointments are filled with work. And it’s not a 9-5 job. We’ll help you control your schedule and not wear yourself out. Always remember, even in those particularly hard days, that it does get easier the deeper you get into your career. Plus, we’re here to help, console and motivate you. 

A: Let’s hear it for ambition! Ambition is a good thing. It doesn’t need to mean that you want to rule the world. Ambition means that you want something. We all want things. We all like to get paid. At Green Light Real Estate we’ll say what others sometimes won’t: We like making money, and we like to have a work/life balance. The better we get, the more free time we get too. Work hard, work smart, and you’ll have plenty of time.

N: None of this matters if you’re not nice. It’s not corny. The truth is that we don’t want to have someone in our work family who’s not nice. Everyone has bad days when they’re not super cheerful and chipper. But if you’re a grumpy person, if you’re a mean person, if you’re an intolerant person, you can’t be on the team. Go somewhere else and sell houses (although good luck having a successful career in real estate if you’re not nice).

So there you go. At Green Light Real Estate we’re looking for E-SWANs. If this is you, we want you. It’s really as easy as that. We can teach and train every part of the business, and we’ll gladly do it too. But we can’t teach you to be nice or to be a hard worker. Bring your E-SWAN traits to the table, and we’ll have a feast together.