Here in Central Vermont, heating systems are pretty important. Most houses in this area heat with oil, propane, or wood. Passive solar is getting more and more common, and depending on where you live, you might look into geothermal or wind as well. But for most people, it's either oil, propane, or wood. There's not an infrastructure for natural gas, except for the Burlington area. For all intents and purposes (unless you're a petrogeologist) propane and natural gas are the same.

Within those fuel types, there are a couple different heating systems that are common in the Central Vermont area. Basically, you're looking at hot water systems (baseboard, radiator, or radiant floor) and forced hot air. Personal preferences come into play. Some people love steam radiators, and some people prefer forced hot air. 

Generally speaking, newer systems are a lot more efficient (create the heat with less fuel) than older ones. But they're not cheap. It depends on the house, but it can sometimes make sense to update the heating system before putting it on the market. As a buyer in Central Vermont, it's a good idea to get an inspection done. 

More information on heating is available right here.

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