Make Your Offer Look Great to the Seller

At Green Light Real Estate, we know what to do to make your offer look attractive to a seller. It's often more than just the price that you're offering. The terms, other information and the overall presentation weigh into the overall attractiveness of your offer on a house.

1. Proof of ability to pay: We'll help you have evidence of a loan pre-approval or cash. A pre-approval letter with few contingencies from a local lender is best.

2. Money: Put down a larger than normal earnest money deposit to make your offer look more attractive to the seller (1%-3% would be "normal in the Barre and Montpelier real estate market).

3. Offer a realistic price for the property. If real estate is like love, making lowball offers are like using bad pickup lines. Many clients lose properties over a few thousand dollars.

4. Be careful about the terms, conditions, and contingencies that you include. They may make your offer less desirable to the seller. Focus on including the terms and contingencies that are most important to you.

5. We'll work with you to make a cover page of the STRONG features of your offer, and of yourself.

6. Humanize yourself to the seller. Include a written personal introduction of you and your family to the seller. Give facts about you that we think would be interesting to the seller. A picture of your family can be worth a thousand words!

7. Because I monitor the housing inventory and pride myself on being the first agent to find a great property, I try to make sure that we're the first offer in.

8. Have your current home listed and under deposit before making offers. Offers contingent on the sale of an existing property are gaining zero traction in the Montpelier and Barre real estate markets. I can help coordinate concurrent closings.