Searching "Hidden" Listings

It’s one thing to go on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and look for homes for sale in Central Verrmont. You can do that at lots of sites.

But there may not be the perfect home for sale when you’re looking to buy. So then what? Give up, fire up Netflix, and eat some nachos?


Here’s one thing that you’re going to want to make sure your Realtor does: Go back through the non-public side of the MLS, and look for expired listings that may be what you’re looking for.

An expired listing is just that—a house had been for sale, and didn’t sell. There could be any number of reasons it didn’t sell, but what really matters to you as a buyer is that at one point the sellers were open to the idea of selling. 

These need to be handled delicately and tactfully. You’re not going to want to schedule showings for a half dozen expired listings in the Montpelier real estate market. But you will want to have the option of previewing them (online initially, of course). If one or two REALLY strike you, then your Realtor may be able to schedule a showing.

Not all of the expired listings in the Central Vermont real estate market are going to be willing to come back on the market. In fact, a lot of them won’t. The point is that SOME of them will. When that happens, you may be the only buyer—and certainly will be the first buyer in awhile—to get a look, and that can be a powerful position to occupy when you’re looking for homes for sale in Barre and homes for sale in Montpelier.

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