Six Common Home Buying Mistakes Made in the Central Vermont Real Estate Market


How to Avoid Making Them

google map to real pro systems1. Not asking lenders enough questions or not asking the right questions so you don't necessarily get the best loan or the best lender.

2. Not acting quickly enough when you find the right house...and letting someone else scoop you.

3. Not making yourself or your offer look attractive to the seller. The seller has the keys and the deed, and that's what we're really looking for.

4. Not thinking about resale BEFORE you buy.

5. Selecting the wrong broker/company to help.

6. Not being shown enough inventory, or not the right kind of inventory.


1. Ask for our list of preferred local lenders, and then talk openly and thoughtfully with them.

2. Trust when it's time to "Go for it." You'll be well-educated in the local market, so you'll know when a home is a match.

3. We're experts at helping to "frame the offer". Just like you dress to impress before an interview or a date, we'll help your offer get in the door.

4. Look objectively at the property. Are there quirks that can be fixed? Most homes have at least one "riddle". If you can solve the riddle, you can win the prize--a value, and growing equity.

5. We have sources of additional inventory--many of these are homes that other Montpelier and Barre real estate agents won't show you (or even know about).

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