1. Be a Pre-Approved Buyer: A pre-approved buyer always has the advantage in an offer situation. Becoming pre-approved is very easy: you complete your loan application with a credit check prior to beginning your home search process. Pre-approval means that you have actually been approved for the purchase by a lender, which gives you the edge in home purchase negotiating. You can often do this online. At Green Light Real Estate, we strongly recommend working with a good, local lender. And we're more than happy to name names!

  2. Beat The Competition to The Best New Listings: The search process can be both fun and trying. You'll notice that some homes sell very fast and others hang around for long periods of time. The best homes at the best prices sell fast. Keeping on top of this is essential. Connect with a professional Real Estate agent that knows the market and keeps you updated. Taking advantage of the "Collaboration Center" at Green Light Real Estate gives you a HUGE head start on other buyers.

  3. Do The Research: Make yourself a "home value expert." Investigate the areas and price ranges for the kind of home you are looking for. Get a good idea of the price ranges these homes sell for and how long the market time is for them. Your agent is a great asset here because we spend all day, every day looking at, thinking about, and talking about houses. We know when something is overpriced or underpriced.

  4. Have Your Agent Communicate With the Seller's Realtor: Sometimes just talking with the Seller's Realtor prior to and after making an offer makes all the difference. You can find out what is most important to the sellers. Maybe it's price. Maybe there's something else, but you don't know unless your buyer's agent asks. It's easy to simply forward signed contract without giving any context. But when your Realtor puts that extra effort into it, it helps.

  5. Prove That You Are a Serious Buyer: The best way to accomplish this is with strong earnest money. This might mean that you put 1%-3% or more down to get the sellers attention.

  6. Be Ready to Move Fast:  When you find the right house, move fast. There are almost always other buyers thinking about the same house. The goal here is to buy the house that you want. It's not to pat yourself on the back and say you made four offers and lost each one to other buyers and wasn't your agent smart because they prevented you from buying a house. Make a good, strong offer, and get the house you want. You're not going to overpay, because you have a Green Light Real Estate agent working numbers for you.

  7. Keep Your Offer Simple and Clean: Make sure that your contract to purchase is simple, clean and not bogged down with unnecessary contingencies, complicated time frames, confusing financing, or other unusual requests. Keep the time frames of repairs and responses to a minimum. The cleaner your offer, the more interested the seller will become. This may help you purchase the property at the best price.

  8. Don't Wing It Alone: What you need most in today's complex marketplace is an experienced and professional real estate agent who represents your interests only. No matter how heated the competition or the negotiations, a professional agent will represent your best interests, keep you from paying too much and help you maximize your investment.

Are you looking for an agent to represent you and your best interests? You, the home buyer, pay nothing for a professional agent. Their fees are paid for by the seller. Click here to contact Green Light Real Estate today and find out how we can help you find the most house for the best price.