Newsflash--all contracts are not created equal.

While much of the Purchase and Sale Agreement is consists of boilerplate language, there is still plenty of room for one side to gain advantage. Here's another place where having a buyer agent who's familiar with the Barre and Montpelier real estate market can put you on at least equal footing with the seller.

For example, for purely financial reasons, it's to generally to the buyer's advantage to put as small a deposit on a property as possible. The buyer is basically buying an option to purchase a house, The option comes with lots of contingencies, which make it fairly easy for a buyer to back out of the contract and recover the deposit.

The "slant" is that, as someone buying a home in Barre or Montpelier, you may be talked into putting down a larger deposit than necessary, and you may not have all the conditions and protections in the contract that you should. 

Having a local Montpelier and Barre buyer broker on your side can help protect you and protect your money from "contract slant".

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