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      Print Ads Work

      There. I said it. Even in today's fully computerized, interconnected, and online world, print ads are effective. Even here in the Montpelier, Barre, and Northfield real estate market

      Here's why: People still read the papers. People still expect to see real estate listings in the papers. Also, while online presence is critical, those listings are usually viewed in a very solitary way. But families will share something they see in the newspaper with each other in a very social way.

      We get dozens of calls each week in our office from our print ads in the Times Argus, the Washington World, and the Northfield News. As a seller in Barre, Montpelier, and Northfield, you want those calls to be about your house. But the truth is that most buyers end up buying a different house than the one they called in about.

      To take advantage of that, I make sure that I know the different listings. As I'm talking with a buyer, and finding out more what they want, I often realize it's your house that they're really describing.

      You owe it to yourself to get all the exposure that's possible. That's the way to sell your house.