Northfield is an incredibly charming town with a lot to offer for a town this size. Home to Norwich University (Go Cadets!), Good Measure Brewing Company, and Darn Tough Socks, Northfield has something for everyone.

Kids in Northfield attend Northfield Elementary School (you might hear old-timers refer to it as “The Comiskey School,” which is fair because that’s what it was called once upon a time). The elementary school services Pre-K through 5th grade. 

Northfield Middle School and Northfield High School are right across the street from the elementary school. If you’ve had to figure out the logistics of taking kids to different schools, you might appreciate this well-planned convenience!

Northfield is most well known for being the home of Norwich University. Norwich has the distinction of being the country’s oldest private military university, having just recently (2019) celebrated its 200th birthday.

Norwich’s enrollment is around 2600. About 50% of the students are in the Corps of Cadets, meaning they participate in the military (ROTC) programs. The other half of the student body are civilians.

The campus offers endless activities from world-class guest speakers to NCAA Division IIII sports championships, museums (the Sullivan Museum and History Center is affiliated with no less of a prestigious institute than The Smithsonian), and mountain bike trails. Spend some time talking with people in Northfield, and the odds are good you’ll run into someone who moved to Northfield or stays in Northfield because of Norwich University.

Good Measure Brewing Company is another cornerstone of Northfield. Not only do they brew amazing beer with great names (Pigman Lives New England IPA? Townie Vermont Lager? I love it!!), but the owners absolutely love Northfield. Their energy and enthusiasm have caught on, and there is always activity at Good Measure and its affiliated coffee shop, Carrier Roasting Company.

Darn Tough Socks got its start in Northfield and still manufactures at the sock factory in Northfield, as well as one in Waterbury. Around here, everyone agrees that Darn Tough socks really are the best socks there are.


Things To See And Do In Northfield

Labor Day Gala and Parade–You might think that all parades are the same. Northfield owns Labor Day, with activities all weekend long. One of the most popular events is the Labor Day Parade, replete with floats, bands, and hundreds of Cadets, marching in uniform down Main Street. 

Norwich University Athletic Events–Check the calendar because there’s something for everyone. The Men’s and Women’s ice hockey teams are very popular. The winning tradition includes several national championships and some heated (and friendly, of course) rivalries with other schools. The Middlebury rivalry and the Plattsburgh rivalry are incredibly intense. Kreitzberg Arena gets rocking!

Darn Tough Sock Sale–And yes, that’s precisely what it is. And more! The Sock Sale takes place every fall at the factory in Northfield, and you can buy high-quality seconds by pair or bag. How much fun can a sock sale be? You’d be surprised. Good deals, plus a party atmosphere and what seems like the whole town in attendance, make for a fun time.


Everyday things to do and see in Northfield, Vermont

Paine Mountain–Or, more officially, Shaw Outdoor Center is famous for top-tier mountain biking, but it’s also popular with hikers of all abilities. It’s a modest trail with great views at the top. Insider tip–hike up to the top in the winter, hauling a sled, and then sled down. It’s an absolute blast!

Farmers Market–The Northfield Farmers Market runs spring through fall, right on the Common. Chat with your friends and neighbors while supporting local agriculture. 

Live performances–Music, drama, poetry, nationally known authors, military and industrial leaders, and more come to Norwich to give talks, perform, and be part of the Norwich community. 


Getting to Northfield

Northfield is easy to get to, with an exit right off Interstate 89. From Northfield, it takes only 15-20 minutes to get to Barre or to Montpelier, and it’s less than an hour to the Burlington International Airport (lots of flights daily to hubs such as Boston, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and more).

The interstate drive from Montpelier to Northfield is stunning, with long-range mountain views for vast stretches at a time. Compare that to a more typical commute, and you’ll see why people absolutely love Vermont.

The joke is that you only need to worry about traffic in and around Northfield when school gets out, and you get caught behind a bus. Take a breath; it’ll pass. If this is as bad as it gets, then it’s actually really good!

Northfield’s Housing Stock

Like many Vermont towns, Northfield has a “village”, and then surrounding areas. Unlike many Vermont towns, however, Northfield actually refers to the village part of town as…” the village.”

Stately homes, including the residence of the Norwich University president, mark Central Street. Streets on either side of Main Street in the village tend to be older houses (it’s pretty common to find homes built in the 1800s and early 1900s). The village itself is easy to get around in, with plenty of parking.

As you move outside of the village proper, you’ll see a similar mix of housing. Here, you’ll find mid-century ranch homes, split-level homes, as well as contemporary capes and colonials. You’ll also find farmhouses and larger parcels. If you keep heading out, there are plenty of roads that simply end. People literally live at the end of the road. Beyond that? Nature.

Buying and Selling Northfield Real Estate

People buying and selling Northfield real estate are likely to pay slightly lower prices than in nearby towns such as Montpelier and Waterbury and slightly higher prices than in Barre.

The vast majority of people buying and selling Northfield real estate use Realtors. Some transactions go “for sale by owner,” but that’s a small percentage of the total purchases and sales. At Green Light Real Estate, we offer comprehensive seller services, including personalized valuations, custom pre-listing strategies, and sound, savvy, and intelligent negotiation advice to help people sell real estate in Northfield.

At Green Light Real Estate, we have a thorough and updated list of professionals who can help with all aspects of buying and selling real estate in Northfield. That list includes attorneys, lenders, painters, inspectors, movers, electricians, lawn care people, and more. Wherever you are in your process, you can take advantage of that list even if you have no intention of ever selling your home in Northfield. Also, let us know how the secret to eternal life is treating you.

If there’s a mortgage involved, expect it to take six to eight weeks to buy and sell real estate in Northfield. A lot of that time is the lender and the appraiser getting the money lined up, which makes sense. When we talk with people who have bought and sold out of state, they’re sometimes surprised at that time frame. 

Depending on the market cycle, houses can sell above or below asking price, and offers may or may not include other contingencies, such as inspection contingencies. Again, that depends on the market cycle and the individual property. No two transactions are identical when buying or selling real estate in Northfield!

Most buyers are represented by a buyer agent. At Green Light Real Estate, we offer a full suite of buyer services to help first-time buyers and experienced purchasers buy real estate in Northfield, Vermont.

Every transaction and every situation is different. Whenever you have ANY questions or want more information about buying and selling real estate in Northfield, just call or email, and we’ll be happy to help!