Training at GLRE

At Green Light Real Estate we offer comprehensive training with dedicated trainers. We provide classroom as well as field training, and a two year professional mentorship program. You’ll be confident, competent, and professional by the time the six week training wraps up. Most of our new agents have property in contract by the end of those six weeks. Sometimes it takes seven or eight, sometimes three or four.

Our trainers:

Our trainers are brokers and not only do they love teaching new agents how to be successful, they themselves are successful. They maintain active practices, listing and selling property while they serve as trainers.

The trainers meet regularly to discuss progress, share ideas, and customize content to make it as relevant and useful as it can be. It’s not a static, “out of the box” real estate training program. It evolves and improves.

The Goal

Our goal is to give new agents the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to be successful, as quickly as possible. We stay by your side to help even beyond the first few weeks. Otherwise, that would just be mean. Most of our first year agents sell between 12-15 properties. By their second year, that number is between 20-30, and it grows from there.

Key Areas

Green Light Real Estate breaks down the training into a few key areas:

Industry Knowledge - Learn about the business of real estate, how to value properties, what resources and tools are available. This is where you become an expert on everything from construction to surveys, as well as the entire buying process and selling process.

Scripts and Contracts -There are a LOT of contracts that you need to become fluent with. We’re here to help. We have regular role playing sessions with each other where new agents see and hear what successful agents do. Is role play fun?  Not at first. But neither are most things that are hard. We practice scripts and contracts so that when we are with buyers and sellers, we have confidence that we’re saying the right things. Think of these as rehearsals. Actors don’t just jump on the stage without hours and hours of rehearsal.

Business Building - Surprise! You’re not going to get 15 sales your first year by not working at it. We help new agents develop new business from several sources. If you’ve thought about where your sales will come from, well, it might cause some stress. Where will your sales come from? Green Light Real Estate has a proven program to help new agents win customers and clients and be successful.

Office - Whether you’re working in the office or from your home office, we’ll make sure that you know the resources that are available to you, and that you feel comfortable and welcome in the office, whichever office you’re working in.

Training IRL (In Real Life) - Sure, you’ll be skilled at reading and writing contracts, negotiating, working through the buying and selling process, and more. But getting real life experience is priceless. You’ll start by joining trainers and other Green Light Real Estate agents and brokers on their appointments. Soon, trainers and agents will be joining you on your appointments with buyers and sellers. 

The Results

At Green Light Real Estate, we’ve seen our training program work over and over to build successful careers and long lists of satisfied clients. Our agents average between 12-15 sales in their first year. That’s starting with zero leads, zero experience, zero past clients to draw on.

Across the country, many new agents get out of the business in the first six months. And more than half leave before finishing one year. Our training, mentoring, and collaboration programs ensure that when you start at Green Light Real Estate, you’ll be successful, and you’ll stay in the business.

The first year is hard. You’re learning a whole new industry, and for many people, it’s their first sales and commission position. You’re learning how to build a business and how to be client-centered. We’re here to guide and help you through it all, because we know that if you stick to it, if you follow the same path that others have followed, you’ll succeed.