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Montpelier Condo Update

We’re just getting into the busiest season for Montpelier condos, and I want to give a huge shout out to our awesome agents and brokers here at Green Light Real Estate.

In just the last couple of months:

Lauren Gould listed a beautiful three bedroom condo at 121 Freedom Drive. She went through the pre-listing to listing steps that we know lead to smooth and successful closings, and that’s exactly what happened. Multiple offers, a sale above asking price, and happy buyers and sellers.

I listed a similar three bedroom Montpelier condo at 129 Freedom Drive. Our system just works. Professional photography, dedicated marketing, a busy open house, and several offers later, the seller also had an above-asking offer, without an inspection. I also want to point out that when we’re involved in a transaction, we really want both sides to be happy at the end. This was another success, at the end, the seller and buyer even agreed on some furniture to be purchased along with the condo.

Lauren Gould listed another Montpelier condo for sale over on Hebert Drive, in Stonewall Meadows. Her valuation model was rock solid. With multiple offers, the seller is now in contract at a higher price than she thought possible. 

Katie Peterson had a seller come through our online chat on our website, wanting to sell a somewhat unusual condo in Montpelier, at 4 Franklin Street. I won’t go into the details here, but in the weeks of preparation before listing, Katie had long conversations with the seller, with Downstreet, and with the town to give the seller all the information and reassurance that she needed while selling her Montpelier condo. As colleagues, we all know that Katie’s patience, caring, and sincere interest in doing the best thing for her clients is just who she is. It’s great when seller and buyer clients get to see that too!

I know that as buyers, hearing stories about multiple offers and above-asking price sales can feel frustrating. But here are three Montpelier condo sales where even though it’s a stressful situation, the buyers, as well as the sellers, had a peaceful and smooth transaction. They’re happy at the end. That says a lot about how a sale is conducted, and it’s something I’m really proud of with our team here at Green Light Real Estate.