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A Sellers Success Story From Across The World



So you’ve probably heard of some folks buying homes here completely virtually. Sight unseen. Maybe never seeing the house until after the closing. Well it does happen and I help buyers purchase homes virtually quite often actually. But this isn’t about that. This is about helping a seller who lives full time in Budapest and how I, along with my colleague Mattie, helped her sell her home pretty much completely virtually.

To start, the seller hadn’t been in the house or lived in the house for many years so the state of things were a bit in question. There were tenants occupying the home who weren’t paying rent anymore so getting them moved out was first on the list. Coordinating with tenants who were uncooperative wasn’t the easiest but after many conversations and with the knowledge the home was going to be sold, we got them moved out. 

Fast forward to professional photos and setting up the house to get listed on the market for sale to going under contract in less than two weeks. 

Now, what do to with all of the tenant’s things that they had left behind AND personal property that the seller, living in Budapest, still had in the house. Sell the house furnished and as-is? We were able to list the house in as-is condition to make sure the seller didn’t have to pay or coordinate for any work to be done prior to closing. But, the personal property left behind needed to be cleared out. Typically, this is something the seller does as typically it’s their stuff and they are still living at the house. But, when a seller like this needs to sell from across the world, it’s up to us as listing agents to step up and get the job done. So that’s what we did. 

The house was cleared out and ready for closing and promptly sold while the seller was six hours and however many miles away in Budapest. 

It takes a lot of earned trust to sell your home from another country and even so while still living in your house. Selling your home can (and likely will) be stressful, emotional, scary…but when you trust a pro who is willing to tackle whatever comes up and will never say, “that’s not my job” the home selling (and buying) process is more than just possible, its successful.


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