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Barre Vermont Homes For Sale - Current Market Breakdown

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Let’s take a minute and really drill down into what’s happening with homes for sale in Barre, Vermont.

Over just the past twelve months, the median sale price has increased by 14%, combining homes for sale in Barre City with homes for sale in Barre Town. I know, I know, here at Green Light Real Estate, we usually break those two markets apart, but we wanted to take a broader look at the Barre market here.


Condo Associations in Montpelier

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The condominium associations in Montpelier range from very small (as few as two or three units in an association) to relatively large. Remembering, of course, that what passes as a large association in Montpelier might be different than a large condo association in Boston or [...]

2021 Quarter 3 Market Report

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Download Your Copy of the  2021 Q3 Central Vermont Market Report!

Get the facts about the number of home sales, median sale prices, and more for Barre, Montpelier, U32, Waterbury, Northfield, and Williamstown.

See how multi family real estate is performing, and what buyers are doing to get offers accepted in this competitive market. On the lighter side...what exactly is a "smell through"?

Valuable for buyers, sellers, and people who are just interested in following the market. Get your free download here!


How Does a Buyer's Agent Get Paid?

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How Does a Buyer's Agent Get Paid?


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There are two main ways that I get paid for the

professional services and solutions that I provide.


Buyer Broker Fees Paid By Seller: 

First, when you buy a house, I get a commission. The commission is usually a percentage of the sale price, and I get that at the closing at the [...]

Green Light Core Value #2

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Core Values: #2


At GLRE we have a set of core values that keep us focused on why we’re Realtors, how we treat our customers, and what the community means to us.



When I first started as an agent, in 2009, I asked a colleague, friend, and veteran Realtor (Charlie Clark) what did he like best about being a Realtor. Without missing a [...]

FAQ: Are you on Zillow?

FAQ: Are you on Zillow?

One question that sellers ask us from time to time is “Are you on Zillow?”


The short answer is yes.


Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Homesnap, and countless other real estate sites get their information directly from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 


Green Light Real Estate participates in the MLS. If you really [...]

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