Want to buy a house in Central Vermont? Want to sell a house? Maybe you just want some information. You can get it all here. We focus on the several towns that we know best, which kind of makes sense. 

    Yep, we're keepin' it local.

    We're happy to help both buyers and sellers of property in Montpelier, Barre, Northfield, Middlesex, East Montpelier, Calais, Berlin, Worcester, Williamstown, Plainfield, and Marshfield. If you're looking for a house in another town, or if you want help selling your house that's in another town, and if you ask really nicely, I might make some exceptions.

    Whether you're considering buying a home, selling a home or both, the agents at Green Light Real Estate know this area. We know both the Barre real estate market and the Montpelier real estate market very well. It's where we live, and that's why we concentrate on this area. We love living here, and we love talking about all the great things about the Montpelier/Barre area.


    Ray was very knowledgeable about the area and market. He helped me to remain grounded, but optimistic about selling in this market. [...]

    Luke, in Barre

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